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A Sexual Revolution

I’ll just go ahead and say it ~ pole dancing is a sexual revolution.

The pole dancing we are doing (across the globe) is an authentic expression of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Rather than canned tricks and raunchy gestures, we have moves and tricks that come from our inspiration of the moment and the way the song makes us feel. This is the beauty of dance in its purest form.

Let me add that I’m going to write from my perspective, which is a white, straight, female weirdo. For any transgender folx out there, many of my musings are meant for you too if you identify as female, though I’m sure your perspective is different than mine. I only wish for you to feel included in this space here, where I write.

Once more, this sexual revolution is pole dancing for ourselves, by ourselves, and for whomever we choose to see it. It’s not pole dancing by women for men as a financial transaction, but rather pole dancing by a woman (or other folx) for herself (themselves). She may choose to share it with her significant other, with friends in a class, or an audience of 1,000.

The basic idea is that a woman is equal to a man because she has a sexual body, not in spite of it. Here comes a blanket statement that’s sure to piss somebody off: men are often rewarded in a misogynist society for their sexual exploits, and we believe a woman should be heralded for her powerful sexuality too.

It’s hard to put my finger on what it is I’m trying to say here without feeling like I’m offending half the planet. I mean the idea that a woman owns her body, and is allowed to put her hands all over herself without judgement or shame – that’s the revolution. You would think that in a private setting women would have no problem doing this but if you actually think that be prepared to be surprised. Most of us have a lot of de-programming to do to reclaim our bodies.

A woman exposed to a toxic hegemonic male dominated society is taught she can’t put her hands on her body without feeling weird or slutty (even in private). I’m sure it’s not just women who are made to feel this way by society. But we’re trying to take this simple pleasure back for ourselves.

So often we’re told what we can and can’t do with our bodies. We’re to wait for “the man” to put his hands everywhere he pleases, thereby taking ownership of her by his actions. We’re told not to enjoy sex too much – and which amount is “too much” is not our decision to make. We’re told we’re whores if we act too sexually, or with too much self-regard for our own sex. We’re certainly not to play a song and own our bodies in total awareness, touch and pride – and do it for our own meditation and reflection – that would be a dangerous group indeed.

Once again ~ all that programming is bullshit. We are taking back our curves, our skin, and our sexuality for ourselves because no one else has the right to own it. We carry our ownership with pride and power. No one can take that from us unless we unwittingly let them. You have every right to express your sexuality with those you choose.

The only boundary on this revolution is not hurting other people (knowingly or unintentionally), or breaking any laws. Whether laws written by man or nature, we are not anarchists, and we do not mean to subvert them. When our “desires” begin to harm others or even ourselves, that is cause for course correction. When our sexuality is being forced on others, perhaps it’s time to choose consent.

Other than that, we are sexual bodies engaging wholeheartedly with our lives without shame for the natural pleasures we were created to feel.

If you’re a woman (or a man who identifies as a woman, or anyone else in between), check out our tribe over at Pole for the Globe. The sexual revolution is waiting for you.

xoxoxo Featherpistol