Miss Featherpistol is eager to share her unique, one of a kind, pole artistry at your next event. She has performed pole dance at circus stages around the world, museum events, festivals, Vegas nightclubs and theater productions ~ and she cannot wait to dance for you next! Lauralynn Featherpistol has been passionately performing since she was 5 years old. It is her love, her art, and her unending source of inspiration. Her experience with tissu, lyra and trapeze has given her pole work a delicious aerial flavor, and yet, years of pole dance, contortion, kung fu, and ballet have also given her movement a fluid, expressive quality that is truly unique. She is, in fact, a modern day secret weapon, a semi-decent cook with a midwest sensibility, and a spirited pole artist wielding a cowboy-like tenacity.

Performance Inquiries