Lauralynn Featherpistol is an earth worshipping pole artist and activist.She grew up a rather awkward, skinny child with acne, braces and glasses in Minnesota;the land of gorgeous, blonde Scandinavians. She found solace in her art classes and the sombre trip-hop music of the 90’s.Somehow she made it through high school despite being an outcast.  She graduated 4th in her class of 770.


Craving sunlight like a flower blooming after years of cold winters, she accepted an offer from the University of Southern California as an undergraduate.She studied Art History and Chemistry, hoping to pursue Art Conservation Science.After graduating, she lived in Florence, Italy for a year as a Fulbright Fellow.It was there she made a life-changing decision to pursue the physical arts and leave the world of chemical analysis of artistic pigments.She didn’t want to study art through the lens of spectrometry, but rather live and breathe it with all her senses.


She moved back to Los Angeles, became a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, and studied the aerial arts of silks and lyra.She also achieved a black belt in Tiger Crane Kung Fu.When one of her clients bought her an introductory pole lesson at S Factor Dance Studio, fate struck her heart and changed her future forever.She began her pole dance journey in the summer of 2006 and quickly became an Instructor at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor.Her pole style opened the world of performance to her and once again her world changed.

“Featherpistol” moved to San Francisco in 2009 – in search of something deeper than what she had seen in the entertainment world thus far.Shortly thereafter she started working with world-renowned acrobatics coach Dominik Wyss at the San Francisco Circus Center.In 2010 she earned a credential as a professional Sound Healer from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.After this training she began her extensive touring with Vau de Vire Society, Champagne Productions, DreamWorld Cirque, Velocity Circus, Earth Circus, Entire Productions, and Supperclub International.


“Feather” has travelled the world as a circus pole acrobat, performing in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Portland, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New Orleans and Amsterdam.


She specializes in solo pole performances in a series of personas, each character expressed through a unique combination of makeup, costume and music.Today, she is the proud founder of Pole for the Globe, an online community platform uniting pole dancers across the world in outdoor performances that fight for social justice and environmental causes.Their motto is “We believe in the equality of all bodies and protecting Mother Earth”.Currently, Pole for the globe is donating 15% of their proceeds to 9 organizations, and has raised over $3,000.00 since November 2017.

Artist Statement:

Lauralynn Featherpistol didn’t always know that pole dance was a pathway to Sound Healing and worshipping the earth.  Today, this sacred truth is woven into her bones, her muscles and her soul.  She has performed for circus audiences of hundreds and the intimate settings of small cabaret clubs.  Yet she is always guided by the personal magic between a human being and a dance pole.  Guided by something sacred….something out-of-this-world.  Her studies as a Sound Healer strengthened this ethos.


Our human bodies have a mind and a soul, and living in disharmony with them has been humankind’s source of suffering for thousands of years.  We talk about being “in tune” and seeking “harmony” in our lives.  Our hearts and lungs have their own “rhythm”, and when we’re tense we are “wound up”.  Examine the shape of a human being and the head and body are joined by the neck – where the vocal “chords” reside.  Singing, chanting, and speaking one’s truth feel like the key to tranquility….because they are.  The simple fact of sacred sound is all around us, if only we could stop and take notice.  


Featherpistol knows sensual pole dance is but one way to access this ancient sound and frequency worship.  Simply speaking, there is a sort of mysticism in circular movement, especially in a world that demands we move forward in a structured linear path each day.  It doesn’t feel right to most of us, and we wonder what we’re missing in our lives.  Circular movement matches the circular shape of sound waves – and our soul begins to wake up.  We feel the freedom of circling around exactly where we are at this moment.  To be present  and undulate in place.  This is not a mere coincidence.  Human beings have realized their increased magnetism, inner peace, and integrated joy from dancing since the first humans walked this earth.  This is the wisdom and knowledge of Sound Healing practices.  All civilizations, across the world, have some sort of dance, music, singing, or chanting at the center of their spirituality.  This is the link that unites us all.  At long last, Lauralynn had found the sacred answers she had been seeking.  


Pole for the Globe recognizes the ecstatic pleasure of being a body in motion spinning on a central axis.  With this, she has taken pole dancing out of the strip club and has brought it into the light of day as a form of healing, communication with the divine, spiritual time travel, and activism.  When we worship our bodies, we worship the earth.  When we worship the earth, we worship the equality of all species that live on this planet with us.  Welcome to the tribe.