Lauralynn Featherpistol didn’t always know that pole dance was a ritual pathway to Sound Healing and worshipping the earth.  Today, this sacred truth is woven into her bones, her muscles and her soul.  She has performed for circus audiences of hundreds and the intimate settings of small cabaret clubs all over the world.  Yet she is always guided by the personal, sacred magic between a human being and a dance pole.  Her studies as a Sound Healer strengthened this ethos.  


Featherpistol’s work uses the sensuality of pole dance to access ancient frequencies of consciousness. Her style brings circular movement to an often linear world, drawing inspiration from the undulating shapes of sound waves and the sacred rhythms of traditional dance forms.  Yet she also likes to play with her own masculine energy by incorporating acrobatics into her choreography.  It’s an important aspect to her work that she displays both extreme femininity and masculinity in the same performance.  By allowing her head and neck to circle around her torso, she is tuning her body and mind and inviting you to join her.  When she circles her torso and hips, she’s beckoning the music to enter her cells and transmit their power, and hopes you feel something too.  As she strikes acrobatic poses on the pole, she is harnessing all of her masculinity to hold those lines, and juxtaposing this immutable energy with her feminine forms.  This creates an interval for audiences to access their own response to these movements.   Perhaps they can find a space to feel something they otherwise couldn’t access.  


Featherpistol recognizes the ecstatic pleasure of being a body in motion spinning on a central axis.  With this, she has taken pole dancing out of the strip club and has brought it into the light of day as a form of healing, communication with the divine, spiritual time travel, and activism.  When we worship our bodies in this way, we worship the earth.  When we worship the earth, we worship the equality of all species that live on this planet with us.  Activation:  symbiosis.  Welcome to the tribe.