Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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Before the Flood….

I just watched this incredible documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.  It is a must see for everyone!   Scientific data is thoughtfully presented and one is moved to action by the clarity with which our world’s climate crisis is depicted.  It is critical that the film also shows the “nay-sayers” and the politicians vying for things to remain as they are.  The science is indisputable however ~ we must improve our energy use NOW.  I am inspired to pay my voluntary “carbo tax” for my carbon footprint.  It seems we must start taxing people for using fossil fuels.  I say it sounds like a good idea.   I also can’t wait to buy my first Tesla vehicle!

Go watch this movie.  The more we support protecting the planet, the more we can repair our beloved Mother Earth.   There is still HOPE.