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E-Crimes: Profile Fraud

Jezebel’s On-line Blog goes into detail about something called Profile Fraud.  Now isn’t that an interesting concept?!!   This particular incident is something that transpired on OK Cupid.  It seems one user completely COPIED another person’s profile, word for word, and then used the Fraudulent Profile to spy on their own boyfriend.

Here’s my favorite part of the Jezebel article:  “The moral of the story is constant vigilance. And also, if you’re gonna steal from somebody’s profile, make sure said person can’t track you down.

BLaMO!!! Make sure the person can’t track you down!!!  Now that’s something to think about…I can think of ONE or TWO people I “know” who might have to look out for Miss Featherpistol the next time we “see” each other.  Hah!  There.  Now I feel BETTER!

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