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L O C K D O W N // Video Creation

There’s this thing I started making during Lockdown last year, and it’s – done.  Done-ski.  Holy crapola it’s FINISHED.  Sometimes things take a year, you know?  

It turned out differently than I thought it would, but they always do.  My hope is that through this performance video, you might experience something for yourself.  Some truth about yourself.  I feel like my Truest Self when I perform….it’s the best tool I have to reveal details of the human experience.  In this case – what remains of ourselves when our world-as-we-know-it literally shuts down?  What do we “do” with ourselves during such a time?  What is worthy of our focus?  What is a need and what is a want?  What does one do with the many feelings this evokes in our souls?  

The answer shown above?  Earth, Freedom, Nature, Dance.  Ritual.  For goddess sakes, RITUAL.  Can we all just please have more rituals in our lives?!  It feels so much BETTER than “no ritual living”.  No reverence?  No sacred worship?  Blech no thanks.  

I hope you watch this piece and I hope you’ll see a woman dealing with the stress of Lockdown by finding her own private, sacred way.  A way that is available to all of us, that unites us.  I don’t want you to see “me” aka “Featherpistol” aka “Lauralynn Balcerzak”.  I hope you’ll see a woman, a person, find a central core of belonging on this earth with a conjuring of her own design.

Oh and there’s something new – I’ve added WORDS.  Go figure.  I like the way it guides the message to the viewer.  Did it work?  

You literally rock my world for being here.  Let’s keep our eyes in the stars, our hearts with each other and our feet on the ground.  

xoxoxo Me

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