Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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My ever loving ATREYU, I have ordered your gift!

As promised, I wanted to send you each this token of my love and appreciation for being here. The shipment will arrive around Aug 20th, then I will start mailing them out to you! You should all get your magnets by Labor Day.

All I need from you is your mailing address ~ so please update your profile to include that info so you can receive this little treasure in the mail 📪💌📪

Thanks to all of you, we have an awesome new performance video “GENESIS”, and we’re wrapping up the “ORACLES” video too! Make sure you check our post from last Saturday if you haven’t seen the teaser from Genesis yet ⚡️

Im happy to say that with our recent Giveaway and our new subscribers, we hit our goal!!! We got to 50 patrons and have even surpassed that number and this is a huge moment for this project 🎉🎉🎉 you are all the Pole for the Globe OG 50! 🤗

The other big news is we can now afford to donate $200/month to earth and racial justice charities ~~ wahoo!!! We’ll be adding a local Tahoe organization or perhaps a fund for the firefighters who work so hard in these tough conditions with fires burning seemingly non-stop. 🔥❤️🔥

Thank you to the moon and back for being here. You rock my world 🚀 let’s keep our eyes in the stars, our feet on the ground and our hearts with each other.



P.s. if your glowing unicorn eyes have read this far? Touch the heart on this post or leave a comment (best done in the app). At this point in my career I desire conversations of all kinds🔥