Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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P O L E D A N C E // R I T U A LS

Hello Atreyu <3 Hope you’re all surviving the week and taking good care of your hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  

I have been working hard on a piece of writing for the last couple of months, and I’m still not sure it’s done.  Buuuut I can’t stare at it any longer, so I decided to share it and get feedback from YOU:)

This piece is all about Rituals & Pole Dance, and how the two are one and the same.  It is a belief I hold onto dearly.   My work as a dancer is something that takes me to a higher realm.  I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way, but this is why I keep doing it.  There is a type of ascension that can happen when you perform, and I think with pole dance there are some added qualities that enhance the whole experience.  I’m biased, surely 🙂  The details of what I mean are all in the link above.

I hope you’ll find this blog entertaining, insightful and perhaps educational?  I won’t know unless you read it.  

Fair warning this isn’t a tweet or an IG caption ~ it’s a full on blog post that takes about 6 solid minutes to read.  I tried to make it fun for you to stick with it lol.  

Would love to know your comments, and don’t forget to touch the little heart under this post so I know I’ve reached you.