Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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Pole Dancing for Jesus (for Realz)




Interesting Article: Where are all the Real People


Refreshingly Honest Article:  It’s Complicated Dude, Lots of Ins & Outs


Above are a couple of articles I came across recently.  They, in a round about way, remind me why I Pole Dance For Jesus.  These topics, although not disastrous, are just a few examples of why I like to spin for our Lord and Savior, Jesus F*#king Christ.  Things in this world are complicated – and a simple pole dance can be a big breather from all that.

Big Thanks to the Clean Socks Project and the Burning Man Festival for giving Featherpistol outstanding opportunities to perform recently.  The Fundraiser for Serchmaa, a traditional Mongolian Contortionist World Record-Holder and Esteemed Teacher, was a huge success!!  So many talented people came together to make a very special night.  Oh!  And my performance on the playa was in the most beautiful setting I’ve ever danced in!!  An open-air canopy structure with full view of Mother Earth’s twinkling STARS!!!!  Simply amazing.

Remember:  those who watch Featherpistol perform get a chance to forget their complicated lives and simply breathe.  This in turn promotes world peace.  Ask me about it sometime I truly belive this.  Amen.