Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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Saturday Sound Bliss for YOU

“Sound Healer discovers exact frequencies that destroy all bad vibes” is another title for this post <3 

Just wanted to share this beautiful mix by Lee Burridge.  I have spent many hours dancing to this man’s genius.   He will take you places you didn’t know were possible.  Lots of simple and powerful truths to his music.  I love him and I hope you love him too 🙂

This month is all about sound healing bliss and I am sharing a lot on my IG stories to get this healing goodness out there into the stratosphere.  I want you all to receive the yummy goodness from the Whirling Dervish tier ($10/month) this month, so you get a taste of what I am sharing there.  

Here’s my little certificate from the California Institute of Integral Studies, which took me 9 months to complete.  It was a course called “Sound Voice and Music Healing” and it has changed my life forever.  Sound healing is my religion, it is my passion, it is who I am.  It is part of how I thought of the name “Pole for the Globe” – as a body in motion spinning on a central axis (like the earth, or a pole dancer) actually has a frequency.  It has its own sound.  

I hope you have an inspired weekend!  

Thank you so much for being here ~ let’s keep our eyes in the stars, our hearts with each other, and our feet on the ground.


P.S.  If you’re still here?  if you’ve read this far?  Touch the little heart on the bottom of this post and share your thoughts (best done in the app).  At this point in my career I encourage both criticism and praise <3