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To Facebook or Not to Facebook, That’s the Friggin Question

Hey….I just saw Wall-E a couple weeks ago (made me cry) and before I jump into my diatribe on Facebook, can we just focus on BNL for a second?  You know what I mean:  that’s the name of the company that eventually was everywhere in Wall-E’s version of planet earth.  It was the company that had a monopoly on everything, all products, all services, all commerce ~~ and then earth had to be evacuated.  While earth was dying, BNL provided everyone with a lot of enjoyment and distraction.  All the way up until we had to leave our home planet ~~ perhaps too distracted to notice earth’s decline.

Anyways, back to Facebook.  Let’s face it, it’s everywhere imagineable.  Aside from my subtle/not so subtle metaphor to BNL, I guess there has been A Big Question on my mind the last couple months:  Is Facebook (and its Pages) a “good” thing or not?  To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

A couple dialogical examples:

FB PRO:  Egypt Uprising Happened, in part, because of a Facebook Page where people could combine thoughts, numbers, outcries, etc.  More info here:


FB CON:  In this article, the “freedom” of the Internet is called into question.  This quote sums it up, “the Internet is creating an egalitarian antidemocracy in which the strongest inhumanity tramples on the most eloquent rationality and decency.”

More info here:


Whoooaaaaaaaa super serious!! Taking the fun out of frolicking maybe, sorry guys.  But there is a lot going on here, words can’t even express it fully in my opinion.  But of course, that’s what I’m trying to do in this silly blog 😉  I mean there’s the people who are convinced the FBI/CIA/government are watching all this private information we are sharing and using it to track us.  That’s called paranoia but it also clearly holds some merit.  Then there is that funny video your friend posts that makes you laugh so hard you pee your panties (I love when that happens).  You laugh a little bit and then you start your day off in brighter spirits.  The value of this happy inspiration is pricelessly valuable to our collectively Greater Humanity!

Sooo….arrgghhh.  Guess I’m keeping an eye out for Wall-E type warning signs, but at the very least, I might say that if humans are all connected beings (which we are) and the human body has an energy field around it (which it does) then isn’t it perhaps a great evolution that we are all literally becoming connected consciously via the world wide web?  As long as we take the higher ground, we are Sharing our ideas, stories, lifestyles…and rising up together as more conscious humans.  It could be just what this crazy world needs.

And so, without taking a clear stance on either side whatsoever, I’ll remain Optimistically Undecided.  Aren’t you glad you looked here for answers?  Don’t you know yet that There Are None?  That this is all just a Promotion for Featherpistol on Facebook