Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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Welcome and Thank You to My Inner Circle….

Hello to all of you that are reading this!  If you’re looking at my page at this stage, I consider you my trusted inner circle of friends!  I know you are intelligent, open-minded, thoughtful, talented, and creative people who understand what it means to think outside the box and stand for what you believe in. 

This page is in it’s baby months and I am focusing on building a small group of Patrons before I go out into the big bad world.  My goal is to have $50/creation before I start shouting into the universe and the vast echo-y lands of the world wide web.  

Your support of even just $1, $3 or $5 per creation would help me immensely!  I plan on releasing one video creation per month, give or take, of which the content therein is for patrons-eyes-only.  Also if you prefer you can set a monthly max in case I “go wild” and put out two videos in a month.  Eventually when I am creating photographic prints, I might do as many as 5 in one month, but that is much further down the road.  

My main focus is to draw attention to women’s rights and environmental issues with the provocative and sometimes controversial medium of pole art.  If you want to align yourself with these causes and contribute to their volume, consider being a patron of mine!  You can always cancel at any time if you’re not liking the rewards, of which there are many.  

This platform is a much healthier and appropriate place for the intensity of my artistic message, and I am very excited to have you here with me!  Once you become a patron you’ll have access to several recent posts that pertain to the election, feminism and beauty, performance videos and performance photos.  I thank you for your time reading this and can’t wait to share my creative process with YOU!  

All the beasts, Feather aka “Lauralynn”