Hallow’s Eve Treat 4 U

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Years in the Making

Guys. Seriously guys.  Have you ever worked on a creative endeavor for a year’s worth of time? Several years?  Months and months of creative brainstorming, making steps in little leaps and jumps?  I bet some of you have.  I know I have. This costume is one of those things ~ an epic “Tiger Crane” costume for pole performance.  So far it’s been about 3 years in the making.  I spent $150 on the costume materials and then hired a professional costume maker to complete the design I had made.  Then I spent 2 years performing in this costume with no gems ~ all black.  Then last year I thought of turning it into  “The Tiger Crane Magnifique”.  Spending 6 more months on design and layout, then $100 on gems, and then 6 months of slowly decorating and tracing the shapes I want. And guess what the vision is still incomplete….but it’s close! Oh so close!  Help me get to my goal of $250/creation (we’re already almost halfway there!), and I can purchase the remaining gems and finish the vision. Your support and belief in my process would mean the world to me!! Thank you, Feather