Presence not Presents

One of the stellar hallmarks uniting pole dance, sensual dance, feminine movement, sacred movement, and moving meditation is – embodying the present moment.

Moves Like a Cat

Pole dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of dance. Who doesn’t want to watch all those beautiful female body parts undulating hypnotically?

Communication Through Pole Dance

One thing about owning your body – when you own it with touch and breath, you also begin to listen to it.

A Sexual Revolution

I’ll just go ahead and say it ~ pole dancing is a sexual revolution.

Pole Dance // Rituals

Rituals are a apart of our everyday life, our shared culture, and also a part of performance art.  More than that ~ there is a ritual aspect of pole dance which dates back thousands of years.

N E W // V I S I O N

Less is More I have a vision.  Less pollution, more animals.  Less toxins, more green energy.  Less digging for oil, more birdsong.  Less CO2 emissions, more solar and wind.  Less earth abuse, more synergy.  I envision these things daily now.  I hope for them.  I am creating little moments of mindful imagination when I can… Continue reading N E W // V I S I O N

Sacred in Place

Sacred in Place.

Self Love & Appreciation

Self Love & Appreciation through Pole Dance:  Get ready for shields, flames, armor, ghosts and HOPE RISING…

Plastic Fucking Sucks

Plastic Fucking Sucks.


This needs to be said:  I believe pole dance is a means for self love, self discovery, manifestation of goals, worshipping the earth, and engaging in rebellion.