Presence not Presents

One of the stellar hallmarks uniting pole dance, sensual dance, feminine movement, sacred movement, and moving meditation is – embodying the present moment.

Moves Like a Cat

Pole dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of dance. Who doesn’t want to watch all those beautiful female body parts undulating hypnotically?

A Sexual Revolution

I’ll just go ahead and say it ~ pole dancing is a sexual revolution.

Pole Dance // Rituals

Rituals are a apart of our everyday life, our shared culture, and also a part of performance art.  More than that ~ there is a ritual aspect of pole dance which dates back thousands of years.

February 2015 Highlights ~ Mammoth Lakes & NOLA!!!!

I enjoyed performing in two *NEW* locations in February this year :))))  

Feb 2014 ~ Best Bets Magazine

Our show “Sweet Talk” at Mont Bleu Casino Resort & Spa has been a HIT!!!

November 2013 Highlights ~ Bvlgari, more supperclub, photoshoots

I had a blast in November!!!  So many shows, so many happy audiences!                    

September 2013 Highlights ~ Rolling Stone

September was an exciting month!  Rolling Stone magazine, Oracle visits SF And Hubba Hubba turns 7….