February 2015 Highlights ~ Mammoth Lakes & NOLA!!!!

I enjoyed performing in two *NEW* locations in February this year :))))  

January 2015 Highlights ~ New Year!! & Edwardian Ball

I was fortunate enough to start off 2015 with a BANG, performing with The Vau de Vire Society at New Bohemia.  What a crowd!  What a show!  What a countdown!      

November 2012 ~ Pole Dance @ the DeYoung

The month of November 2012 brought an exciting first to my career.  Thanks to Gregangelo and Velocity Circus, I was able to perform my pole act at a major museum!!    

October 2012 ~ From the Cabaret to the 6th Element

  October was the month of dreams!  Cabaret shows, video shoots, Gaultier gowns and a big giant Halloween Party at the Clift Hotel!    

September 2012 ~ Macy’s Glamorama & Folsom

September started off with a Bang!  I teamed up with Gregangelo and Velocity Arts and Entertainment for Macy’s Glamorama Event at the SF Asian Art Museum.  SUCH a fun party!  I had a great time go-go-ing with my fellow dancer friends and wowing the crowd with our moves.  Micah and I are both tall, lean,… Continue reading September 2012 ~ Macy’s Glamorama & Folsom

August 2012 ~ Cabaret & Flamethrowers

  Oh boy.  August was such fun.  I usually share only one photo highlight per month but this time I’ve gotta share photos from ALL the highlights

July 2012 ~ Bastille Day & My Birthday :)

July was all about my performance at the illustrious RN74 restaurant for Bastille Day!  The crowd at RN74 was beautiful, so hip and smart and well-dressed lol…I partnered with the lovely Haley who does contortion ~ and it seems the crowd was quite pleased~!  It was easy to set up my portable pole for the… Continue reading July 2012 ~ Bastille Day & My Birthday 🙂

June 2012 ~ SF Pride

The highlight for June 2012 was representing the deYoung Museum and their infamous Gaultier exhibit.  Of course I wore the golden dress (see blog from May) but this time I love love loved wearing the Sailor Girl custom-made-for-me costume.  The crowd was wonderful ~ and non-stop! all day from 11am until 4pm.  Thank you Velocity!… Continue reading June 2012 ~ SF Pride

April 2012 ~ Modelling in San Diego

The month of March had Miss Featherpistol flying high on a Virgin Airplane down to San Diego California. The event was for a big coporation and the streets of San Diego were literally gleaming!  A gorgeous day and night, our event planner threw down a “yellow brick road” for all to strut and stroll along.… Continue reading April 2012 ~ Modelling in San Diego

March 2012 ~ Golden Gaultier @ the DeYoung Museum

      The month of March had Miss Featherpistol performing at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.  This was definitely the highlight of a busy month!  What a spectacle my new costume made!  Literally made for my body, this golden masterpiece recalls Gaultier’s fingerprints of style and silhouette.  I have never had so many… Continue reading March 2012 ~ Golden Gaultier @ the DeYoung Museum