*Save the Whales*

        Click on the link below if you have 30 seconds to Help Save the Whales from Japanese Pirates http://us.greenpeace.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=18321.0&dlv_id=22744 Thank You for CARING xoxoxoxo Featherpistol              

Ahhh, to be as Smart as Animals

      I sometimes ponder the common belief that humans are “so much” smart than animals.  Are we really?  Why – because  we’re the only beings dumb enough to destroy our planet?  Whoops – that came out a little harsh…but really…have you ever considered how self-centered it is to believe we’re sooo smart, just… Continue reading Ahhh, to be as Smart as Animals

We are All the Same

            How Cool is This? A global experiement “You could start by asking everyone on YouTube to film their daily activities on a specific date; in this case, on July 24, 2010. Then you could ask all those people to send you their raw footage; in this case, 4,500 hours… Continue reading We are All the Same